Business Program

  • Processing Time

    5 - 6 Months

  • Validity

    2 Years

  • Type

    D2 Visa


Portugal D-2 visa is one of the advantages for business entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals who are willing to establish their future business in Portugal and the Schengen area.

In general, Portugal, having two categories of visa, that’s all short-term and long-term visas. The D2 visa under the category of long-term visa program in Portugal. That is also known as entrepreneur visa, independent professional and start-up visa of Portugal.

Who eligible for the Portuguese D2 visa programme

  • D2 Visa for entrepreneurs
  • D2 Visa for independent professional
  • D2 Visa for start-ups
  • D2 Visa for investors
  • D2 Visa for company owner, shareholder, partner, the board of directors.
  • D2 Visa for branch owners and share-holder partners and directors.

How to obtain Portuguese D2 (immigrant entrepreneurs) Visa

Concerning obtaining Portuguese D2, the visa should have a motivated and reliable business plan and in-depth research about future business in Portugal and the country. Should demonstrate a strong relation and study with the Portuguese territory and business community of Portugal. Also, you should be registered with appropriate authorities before starting your project in Portugal. Business capital is one of the critical marks of your interest, and an investor should have sufficient budget and money to start a commercial activity/company in Portugal.

Step by step procedure to obtain D2 visa of Portugal

Step 1

Research and connect with the Portuguese business community.

Step 2

Formation / establish a branch office in Portugal.

Step 3

Obtain all needful licence and permits.

Step 4

Open a business account of the company in any financial institute of Portugal.

Step 5

Hire an accountant/manager for the operation of the business in Portuguese territory.

Step 6

Start paying tax and social contribution employee/shareholder partner of the company.

Step 7

Transfer your business capital to a Portuguese company bank account at least 50% of the investment.

Step 8

Fill your application form for a D2 visa, which is available on the Portuguese consulate website of your residence country (duly completed and signed).

Step 9

Prepare your solid business plan and cover letter along with the mention documents:

  • Portuguese company Certificate along with MOU
  • Portuguese bank account statement with a capital
  • Submit your tax number and company tax number
  • Submit your social security and company social security number.
  • Submit your manager and accountant business/employment contracts
  • Submit your and your employee’s social contribution receipts for the last three months
  • Submit your accommodation proof of Portugal

Step 10

Besides documents from your home/residence country:

  • Your present business/employment proof of your residence/home country
  • Tax and income proof of your present country
  • Proof of your experience and education in the present and future business
  • Passport along with previous travel history data
  • Your personal and business bank statements of your residence country
  • Your fixed deposit and investment assets detail information along with proof attached
  • Resolution from your current employer/ business partner decides to start a new branch or a new company in Portuguese territory
  • Proof of legal residence of your resident country for the appropriate authority (long-stay visa and residence or work permit)
  • Flight reservation of air ticket
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Applicant present residency country Criminal record certificate issued by the competent authority

Step 11

May the Portuguese consulate ask for additional documents or call for an interview.

Step 12

Portuguese consulate transfer your visa application to the competent authority SEF in Portugal for your D2 visa application's final decision will take nearly 2-3 months.

Step 13

Final visa decision made by the SEF Portuguese immigration authority delivered to the consulate at your country different consulate will grant your application a visa or judgment.

Step 14

After the success of the D2 visa (validity of 120 days) under article 60, on landing in Portugal, you have to book an appointment with SEF for the biometrics further receive a residence card (valid for two years) under article 89.1.