Citizenship Program

  • Processing Time

    8 - 12 Months

  • Investment Amount


  • Type

    Real Estate

Golden Visa Portugal

Portugal’s passport is the 6th strongest passport in the world. Similarly, The diverse culture, serenity, and economic development over the years make it a priority for people to invest and live here. Moreover, This country offers multiple opportunities for investors who want to start their family life as a citizen of Portugal. 

Portugal Golden Visa Program Under the Citizenship by Investment Program

Portugal is located in a region that has always been a tourist attraction for decades. The cheerful streets, magnificent historic places, and turquoise clear beaches make Portugal the most visited city in the region internationally. People who have been to Portugal acknowledge the fact that how organized and stable their system is. Holding the position of 6th strongest passport around the globe, Portugal is now a popular choice for elites to move with the family. Portugal initiated their golden visa program in 2012, within 8 years thousands of people attained a golden visa and started their life in a secure and stable country.

Golden Visa Program – Benefits

Although, The Golden Visa Program was initiated in 2012 with the idea to enhance the state’s economy by engaging international investors. Therefore, with this investment, Investors get citizenship to enjoy all the perks of living in the country as a citizen and the following benefits:

  • Firstly, application approval in 8-12 months
  • No physical residency or traveling requirement during processing time
  • Inclusion of the entire family as dependents including spouse, children under 22, and parents
  • After maintaining investment for 5 years, applicants can apply for citizenship
  • Once citizenship is permitted, Applicants are allowed to travel visa-free to 175+ countries including the Schengen region
  • No taxes on worldwide income
  • Great returns on investment
  • Moreover, access to world-class education & healthcare facilities

Requirements for Portugal Golden Visa Program

Basically, to qualify for a Portugal residency, applicants must submit documents including:

  • Firstly, ID evidence and two passport-size photographs
  • A certified character clearance
  • Clear criminal record
  • Similarly, Medical certificates showing excellent health of the applicant and dependents
  • Also, high personal net worth for 5 years

Investment Option For Portugal Golden Visa

  • Firstly, An amount of €280,000 can be invested in Regional Areas
  • Secondly, A minimum of €500,000 can be invested in new commercial properties in Lisbon & Porto
  • Also, a minimum of €350,000 can be invested in 30 years old renovated, commercial properties in Lisbon & Porto
  • Above all, A minimum of €500,000 can be invested in new properties in Lisbon & Porto
  • Moreover, a contribution of €250,000 to the National Heritage of Portugal

Job Creation

Applicants pursuing this option must create 5 jobs in Portugal and maintain these jobs for 5 years at least. Processing fees apply.